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MLittle & green

Infamous Irish cocktails

Two delicious flavours.

Straight from the heart of Dublin, Little & Green is an Irish canned cocktail that dares to bring poitín to the party. Inspired by local flavours tailored to an Irish palate, Little & Green’s sparkling canned cocktails are proudly made with poitín, and are created with the drink innovators at BAR 1661 and Craft Cocktails, for bold moments, on the go, cold from the can.

Made with two of Ireland’s leading poitín brands, Mad March Hare and Bán, the range launches with a pair of big on flavour sparkling cocktails.

Sneaky Orchard is a refreshing Collins, a harvest festival of ripe pear, crisp apple, and elderflower flavours. Shady Bramble is inspired by Ireland’s deep, dense hedgerows and is bursting with flavours of wild juicy blackberry, raspberry, and violet.

They contain no artificial sweeteners and are vegan and gluten free with an ABV of 5%.