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A Conscious
New World
of Vermouth

The Ultimate Aperitif

The latest addition to the intrepid spirits portfolio, Regal Rogue is Australia’s first native vermouth.

All four varietals—Lively White, Daring Dry, Bold Red and Wild Rosé—are a handcrafted celebration of 100% Organic Australian wine, blended with more than 17 aromatic herbs and native Australian spices sourced from Aboriginal farmers.

A fresh alternative to wine and spirits, Regal Rogue’s innovative approach is making waves for its distinctive flavour profiles, low alcohol content and reduced sugar content over traditional vermouth styles. It is best enjoyed over ice in a low ABV spritz or in vermouth-forward cocktails.

It’s a brand made for those idyllic, fun-filled, stylish and social moments together, especially those in the summer months: an afternoon by the pool, that cool house party, a long lunch on the beach, early evening drinks as the sun goes down or a barbeque with friends.

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