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La Republica Gin

Gin with a
Latin Personality

The highest distilled spirit in the world.

La Republica Gin is the highest distilled spirit in the world, with production taking place 3,600 meters above sea level in La Paz, Bolivia. The extreme altitude allows for the alcohol and essential oils that are naturally present in the botanicals to distill at a much lower temperature by means of copper pot stills. This cooler temperature requires an 8 hour slow distillation process which results in a beautifully silky distillate.

La Republica Andina is curated from a total of 16 botanicals. 8 of these are commonly found in gins around the world while the other 8 are said to be native to the high altitude of the Andes. Some of these native botanicals include Locoto Capsicum Pubescens, Quirquiña Prophyllum Ruderale & Tumbo.

La Republica Amazonica is the first Amazonian gin ever made and carries a truly wild and floral flavor. Like La Republica Andina, Amazonica has 16 different botanicals and is cut using the water from the glacial melt water from the Cordillera Real.