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Kyrö Distillery Company

In Rye
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Intrepid Spirits are the exclusive distribution partner for Kyrö Distillery Company in Ireland. Kyrö brings a variety of products that are unique to Finland to the Irish market and are crafted using their nation’s most prized grain – rye.

Kyrö started as 5 friends that were brought together through their shared love of rye whiskey. Since its inception, the company has grown into a 30 plus person strong business and has since won multiple awards across the world for its liquid and bold packaging.

Kyrö’s award-winning gins contain local wild botanicals foraged from right outside the distillery, contributing to the recognisable and unique flavour. The key components are deeply rooted in the very heart of Finnish nature. Warm spice from the rye is combined with twelve dry and four freshly distilled botanicals, creating a uniquely Finnish flavour.