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The new benchmark
for luxury spirits

Contemporary art and fashionable drinking.

D.J. Limbrey Distilling Company fuses a passion for traditional and elegant sipping with contemporary art. Joining the Intrepid portfolio in the US are two outstanding luxury spirits, D1 London Gin & D1 Potato Vodka.

D1 London Gin is multi-award winning and includes a daring kick of nettles that balances fruit flavours and aromas. The reversible bottle provides a clear canvas for the iconic ‘Floral Skull’, from the series of artworks by international artist Jacky Tsai, originally made famous by Alexander McQueen.

D1 Potato Vodka is a spirit of outstanding character that combines delicious creamy smoothness with the diverse cultural references of Jacky Tsai’s ‘Stained-Glass Skull’. Bottled without filtration, it’s delectable over ice and matchless in a martini.